Monday, June 28, 2010

I'm on time and not late take that white rabbit!

x3 so just an update since I'm *shock* on time with everything 0_0. Well close if I play my cards right I can watch the rest of this anime (4 eps in one day) in one day. This wasn't the original plan the original plan was that I would have this anime done tomorrow (with one ep) However I can do this 2 ways: watch all 4 eps in one day and write the review, or watch 3 eps tomorrow and finish it up on the 30th write the review then post it. Either way I'm going to have a review posted on the 30th promise.

However the second review I was thinking of posting may be delayed till the 1st not much of a problem though. I also have 2 books and a manga to read now if all goes well I should have reviews to post for a few days till "linger "comes out (july 20th).

Two last things

1. I've decided that since I Have the reviews why don't I post? So I'm going to post the challenge out of order the challenge I am speaking of is here: I know its shocking but the fact that I have three challenges done, and two going to be WIP and I can't seem to get them done in order and out of the 23 books in my TBR 7 of them are for this challenge So..yeah..what I'm going to do is post them with out numbers but put them in order in my archive

2. Favorite authors Everyone has them so I'm going to make a list of my faves yay be ready Idk when I'll be doing this XD

and a surprise its a surprise because I still have to ask someone if I can use her idea

So >3> till the 30th my little duckies!

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