Wednesday, June 30, 2010

AR: Code geass

This anime caused PAAD

Code geass


Art: CLAMP did the art work for this anime part of its charm the only complaint is that in some shots the head is smaller then the body this is basic for CLAMP and nothing new just irksome is all. The noodle style is very promote here but works fairly well. Watching the anime is like watching a disney movie flowing motion with not a hair out of place its anime at its best here though some facial expressions may be over used nothing seems redundant


Characters: 64 and those are only the ones that are named. Every character has a purpose and is intertwined with each other in some way. All the characters have depth you understand them, get scared when they do, cry, laugh and cheer with them. These characters are flawed you love them and hate them, you question their actions and ask yourself what would you do in that situation. lelouch is one of a kind all the characters in this story are. No matter how hard you try no character will be exactly the same as these characters these are the characters that once over you won't get out of your head the voice acting is amazing lelouch's voice will haunt you for a long long time. He may sound like zuko in some ways but no he's not these are the characters you wish you grew up with lets leave it at that


Story: war, choices, death, pro life, peace, right, wrong, loyalty, who are the real bad guys? Mearly some of the questions and things to think over with this story, its complex and rich and so so different.

The story it's self is that of a young prince who was banished with his sister, he gains a power and tries to make a better world for his sister. If you told anyone that plot they would yawn and say its been over done or even boring however that is merely the tip of Code geass as that snowball starts rolling you realize its not a basic as the synopses on the back makes you believe. The story is rich the ending is that of...well no spoilers here, action, drama, backstories you could read the whole story on wikipidea and that wouldn't do it this is a story you have to see its one of a kind all thats left? ALL HAIL ZERO!


Rating: PG-13 Blood, very disturbing imagery at times, violence, nudity, Big boobies, some WTHeck moments, Drug use, death, some religious discussion (to put it mildly)

Company: Bandai entertainment

My rating : 5 out of 5 To give it anything less is wrong it just is. This is an anime where even if you read EVERY spoiler and the whole story on wiki and TV tropes it still shocks you when you see it and still brings a tear to your eye even if your not crying like say when you read shiver *raises hand * it will still leave you sucker punched and tearing up I know it did me

One last thing because to not added it would be wrong, after watching this anime you will NEVER look at a keyboard, speed typeing, or texting (with the keyboard kind) the same way ever again

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