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How to Write a Motion Graphics Design Or Animation Treatment

Enjoy the best chance of winning a design or animation project with these guidelines

Name & Home

The very first thing you want to write about any treatment is the name of the project, so it is very useful to ensure that you get this part right. When you take a map, it's always a good idea to make detailed notes where possible in all aspects of the project, including the persons involved, keywords, reference materials, technical aspects and limitations, audio preferences and degrees of project work. These notes will assist in placing the treatment, and demonstrate their full understanding of the construction projects that the proper title, or keyword, the client should attempt to describe the project.

When you have a clean front with a client name, project title and subtitles, you're ready to add the first and major part of the text, the introduction of or access.

Introduction, outline, subject, or access to treatment is essential, and just two or three segments, clearly tells the reader what it is they are reading and why to read it. Ideally, this will work 'catch' the reader immediately and improve their interests need to read the rest of the document.

Writing style

Use of descriptive language is an important part of art of all writing, not less care, where you have to press all the information in one or both sides of A4 paper to paint a clear picture of readers inside the eye only on what can be expected that the last film or animation look.

When describing your concept and try and use the smooth and elegant phrasing, while descriptive, and case. Broad use of vocabulary will have readers interested in their brain and imagine the result.

For example, structures on TV crime drama title sequence, and the director wants style title sequence to reflect the atmosphere of the period and the script object. The Director may use very descriptive words like short, dark or cooling, to ensure that the reuse of these words in the treatment and add some of your own further embellish. For example, an ominous dark black, or chilling, spine violent finale.

Try to repeat the same words too many times and think about alternative ways of describing the same or similar components of the project. For example, when, where transient effect on the animation or film, and try to find new ways to write about it in this direction.

Your tags

Make sure your firm, company or studio logo and brand is clearly marked on the front side of treatment and actual treatment to ensure that all who read it will know where it is and who wrote it. It also helps ensure that your ideas as his own residence and not borrowed from another. Another aspect is to flatten your document to ensure that the logo and graphic display properly and none are able to adjust your treatment, or withdraw items purposing in another document. Save your MS Word or another word processor document, such as Adobe Acrobat PDF is the ideal way to achieve this goal.


This is the main body of text where you can perform the function in detail. It is important to ensure that this piece is easy to read and to the point. Use this part of the therapy as a way to quickly describe the rest of the information, which touched eloquently in his introduction. Try and keep sentences short, with enough space around them to be absorbed easily. Years to the sentences flow together easily to ensure the reader is not lost on the way, it is essential that your idea makes sense from beginning to end, so that your readers the opportunity to build a piece of his mind's eye.


Consider including pictures to help his concept.

You will probably produce a storyboard separate treatment, but with additional reference images, illustrations, nature, environment and background images, or advice on the treatment of mood may actually help the reader understand what you say. Placement of images is also important to divide the sections can lose readers flow, try to add a picture or series of images in the section.

Despite the big picture Introduction to function as a real eye caught the rest of the document.

Reference material

Reference material is key to help sell your idea, especially if you can refer to their own previous work. It is still a possibility to exhibit their work and provide the customer with full confidence in your ability to deliver what you write. Links can be Web links, embedded links, images, sounds, songs, pictures or videos. If possible, try to gather it all in one place, ftp location, websites, file sharing, location or ZIP attachments to be easy for customers to explore your links and do not go to many different sites. Again, read on easy to read, watch and absorb it is extremely important.

Equipment failure

The technical part of the treatment should be very kind, very short and very clear. Clarity again show the reader that you are thoroughly until the end of the process and understand exactly what it will take to achieve the final result. You will always be able to change their ideas with putty later, but at least at this early stage is approached with the idea of how technically to create his masterpiece. This piece also illustrate your ability to handle both aspects of each project, motion graphics, creativity and technical know-how, key components of all motion graphics designer.

I think that describes what and how many computers you need, how much disk space and backup will be needed, what software packages you use, and are there any special plug-ins or presets, which are relevant. Also take into account the amount of rendering time and hardware that will be needed, use reasoning, and final delivery formats, and other costs associated with the delivery aspects.

Music and Sound

As we all know, music and sound effects really bring the animation and video to life and is an important part of any visual experience. Touch your ideas for music and sound design, which contains links to other similar styled video and describe the tone and mood that the music will evoke the visuals.

Budget and estimated costs

Costs and quotes are also an important factor in whether you can get a project that you want, but refrain from any mention of money for treatment. Rather than submit a separate bid document, including a link to the Creative technical or specific treatment.

Conclusion / Summary

The last part of treatment should also act as an introduction.

It is a short section that allows you to quickly remind the reader of the main points of discussion in the remainder of the document. It's also a good opportunity to use the language to let readers who want to see what you've described, he wants to investigate further, wanting to come alive.

Parts List

INTRODUCTION - Short and sweet

CONCEPT - the main mass of descriptive text

Images - Reference Material

Technical - geeky, but crucial for the distribution

AUDIO - Style and Reference Guide

Summary - the last roundup

DazPix is a London-based design, animation and direction of the studio producing motion graphics, visual effects and CGI for broadcast, advertising, music and business customers.

We propose, direct, shoot and post production of something that moves. We project to develop the concept, so strike it, shake it and paint it so it pops out the other end looks shiny and new, budget and schedule.

With 20 years experience in the highest layers of television and movies, we know that we can deliver what you need and your expectations.

Jiraiya Profile

Jiraiya adalah salah satu dari Sanin, yaitu 3 ninja legendaris yang berasal dari Konoha. Jiraiya bersifat genit, namun sebenarnya sangat tangguh. Sekarang ia bekerja sebagai penulis novel icha icha yang disukai Kakashi. Jiraiya memiliki banyak julukan, salah satunya Pertapa Genit. Ia menjadi guru Naruto sebelum babak final ujian Chunin dan pada pertengahan part I dan part II, Naruto ikut Jiraiya mengembara untuk mempelajari ilmu ninja.

Jiraiya adalah murid Sarutobi Hiruzen (Hokage 3), bersama dengan Orochimaru dan Tsunade. Jiraiya, Orochimaru dan Tsunade pernah melawan pemimpin Amegakure, Hanzo yang menggunakan salamander. Meskipun team Jiraiya tak mampu mengalahkan Hanzo, menyadari kekuatan team Jiraiya, Hanzo memberi julukan Sanin pada team Jiraiya. Suatu saat, Jiraiya dipanggil oleh tetua katak yang bisa meramal dengan akurat, mengatakan bahwa Jiraiya akan memiliki murid yang akan mengubah atau menghancurkan dunia, dan untuk mencegahnya, Jiraiya perlu menulis buku. Saat bersama dengan Orochimaru dan Tsunade, mereka bertemu dengan 3 yatim piatu korban perang Amegakure, yang bernama Yahiko, Nagato dan Konan. Dengan terpaksa, Jiraiya menjadi guru mereka, ternyata Nagato memiliki Rinnegan, mata legendaris terkuat. Jiraiya setelah mengajari mereka meninggalkan mereka. Setelah menjadi Jonin handal, Jiraiya memiliki 3 murid, salah satunya adalah Namikaze Minato (saat itu calon Hokage, sekarang sudah meninggal). Minato mengajarkan Jiraiya rasengan, dan Minato menjadi calon Hokage 4 bersaing dengan Orochimaru. Namun, Orochimaru melakukan percobaan-percobaan terlarang sehingga pergi mengkhianati Konoha. Jiraiya juga pergi mengembara serta Tsunade yang menghilang entah kemana. Namun, Jiraiya kembali pada saat penyerangan ninja Otogakure ke Konoha yang dipimpin Orochimaru dan berakhir dengan kematian Hokage 3. Lalu, Tsunade kembali menggantikan posisi hokage 3 dan Jiraiya mengajak Naruto untuk mengembara sambil mempelajari jurus ninja dari Jiraiya.

Sebagai seorang Sanin, Jiraiya memiliki kemampuan yang sangat hebat. Kebanyakn jurusnya menggunakan katak dan elemen tanah dan api. Salah satu jurusnya adalah jurus elemen tanah terkuat, Yominuma yang menjebak musuh di rawa yang lengket. Summon katak utamanya adalah Gamabunta, Gamahiro, Gamatatsu dan Gamaken. Jiraiya bisa mengombinasikan jurusnya dengan katak-kataknya.

Jiraiya menggunakan Sage Mode

Jiraiya telah mempelajari teknik sage mode  di gunung Myobokuzan dari Fukasaku dan Shima. Sage Mode adalah teknik menyerap energi alam dan menjadikannya kekuatan yang dahsyat.

Kekkai : Tengai Hojin

Jiraiya juga mampu menggunakan rasengan serta mengembangkannya menjadi Odama Rasengan. Lalu, Jiraiya ahli mengenai teknik segel dan kekkai. Salah satunya Kekkai : Tengai Hojin yang akan mendeteksi siapapun yang berada di dalam kekkai tersebut.

Jiraiya sekarang sudah meninggal dibunuh oleh Nagato dengan keenam Painnya. Pada saat itu, Jiraiya kewalahan melawan keenam Pain yang menggunakan Rinnegan. Pada akhirnya, Jiraiya mengorbankan kesempatan hidupnya karena lebih ingin mati, sambil meninggalkan 3 petunjuk mengenai kemampuan Pain, yaitu tubuh salah satu Pain (Pain Kuchiyose), Kode di punggung Fukasaku dan ninja Amegakure untuk diinterogasi. Jiraiya mati sambil tersenyum karena puas.

Jiraiya lah yang memberi nama NARUTO

Hyuga Hiashi Profile

Hyuga Hiashi adalah ayah dari Hinata dan Hanabi, serta paman dari Neji. Hiashi adalah orang yang dingin dan tegas, terlihat ketika ia menegur Hizashi, ayah Neji dengan kejam dan membuang Hinata. Hiashi merupakan kepala utama klan Hyuga, karena ia lahir beberapa detik sebelum adik kembarnya, Hizashi. Namun, pada akhir part I, Hiashi sudah berbaikan dengan Neji.

Pada masa konflik Konohagakure dan Kumogakure,  karena Kumogakure mengincar Byakugan dari klan Hyuga, seorang ninja Kumo menculik Hinata. Hiashi mengetahuinya dan membunuh ninja yang menculik Hinata dengan satu pukulan. Pihak Kumogakure meminta korban dari Konoha, namun Hizashi dari kalangan cabang (adik kembar Hiashi) mengorbankan diri, mengakibatkan Neji mengira Hiashi yang mengorbankan adiknya. Padahal, Hizashi yang mengorbankan dirinya sendiri. Hiashi pun jadi merasa bersalah.

Sebagai kepala klan Hyuga, tentu Hiashi memiliki kemampuan yang hebat. Hiashi mampu menggunakan byakugan serta jurus-jurus dasar klan Hyuga dengan baik, seperti kaiten. Kaiten Hiashi adalah yang terbesar sampai saat ini.

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3D Graphic

Hawkman Anime


MR: Black Butler review

MR= Manga review

Kuroshitsuji Black butler by Yana Toboso

Vol 1 and 2


Art: The art work is something very different not your usual “Naruto” boy manga style nor your “shojo-vampire knight-sand chronicles” style either. Sebastian and Ciel are gorgeous and Bishi looking, Dashing and savvy. The detail from the clothing to the gore is very well done you almost want to feel the characters the art work is so vivid.


Characters: Very well thought out and drawn well. It's interesting to be rooting for a demon, as charming as he may be he is still very very deadly (as seen in what he can do with knives and forks) the undertaker is a perv and scary, the grim reaper is well a psycho with a chainsaw All in all the characters are fleshed out really well for only two books


Story: the story's (two in book two and one in book one) are very creative and even alien makes a cameo XD book one is four chapters long with nice premise and introduction to the characters its very witty and makes you want to read more of sebastian Book two has jack the ripper and well this is where the really weird stuff happens all in all the stories are very well put together, funny, dramatic, and there are some amazing action scenes. Nothing is forced it all flows very nicely


Cover: Both covers are simply gorgeous with Sebastian on both covers looking shall I say devilish? Lol, book 2 has an orange tinge in the picture whilst the first one looks more normal. The background is a simple white and the title isn't distracting at all.


Rating: rated OT for older teen because of language, sexual points(hard to explain), and bloody fights,

Company: Yen press

My rating: For book one I give it a five star, book 2 I give a four but only because of the sqwick factor, and some unsettling moments.

Total: 5 out of 5 and a 4 out of 5


Next: NR (non review) answering Teens read questions (Delayed)

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About me

So my new friend suggested this one and I thought it was a good idea thing is I don't know exactly what to say (I'm looking at other peoples “about me” posts right now to see how much or how little they put about themselves ^^; ) of course everyones different and of course I'm not them.

You may Call me Kit, kate, or anime girl None of these are my real name just online ones I have a nickname but I don't want it to become my “common” nickname like kate has been turned into.

My age and School are unimportant seeing as in a year or two my age will have changed and I don't even know where I'll be in the spring let alone a year so school is unimportant but I am in college this little tidbit is important for looking for books to read. That's it. Interests? Likes? Dislikes? Meh. There we all have so many and to tell a complete stranger every one of them? After four years on DA and 28 DA ID's later stating what I like over and over again gets old. But I'll bite, this is a mere reiteration of relevant stuff I stated in my profile.

I like Drawing and anime (Japanese animation) and manga as well as anime conventions, books, movies, some TV shows and music as well as other stuff that really is OT (off topic)

I love to draw heres my DA (Deviantart) account: I think you can tell a lot about people from the Art they draw, words they write, and books they read. I'm not going to state what anime I like and or am watching, Manga I'm reading (well you'll know seeing as from this point on I'm review manga) or movies. I'll state Books (since this is my book blog) and TV shows (since its WIWN shows) ( * WIWN = What I'm watching now). One last note before I go into detail on my likes. The only reason I'm not mentioning movies is because for the most part they are Disney, animation of some sort or based on books the based on book parts is relevant the others? Not so much.

TV shows (Thank you Audrey for asking): NCIS and Doctor who those are my main TV night got to watch shows.


Shiver, hush hush, Twilight, Maximum ride, beautiful creatures, the book thief, harry potter, the toll bridge, the last battle(narnia)

On a last note I'm going to try to post one review or something once a day, but it may not happen the book system of my library is books come in on Tuesdays and fridays. This isn't a problem normally seeing as I barrow two books and I'm a fast reader;however, between books is when I may not have something pre written or something to write about. Furthermore the library system doesn't have a majority of the books I want to read – Sad face- this can be fixed by buying them for our library and that is possible but still slow on delivery.once a day does not mean EVERY day so watch out for warnings at the end of reviews about lack of review till whenever it will be a PS. And hopefully not happen all that often

Also (last one promise!) if something happens and there will be a hiatus in reviews (Such as personal matters or school) I'll post as soon as I know or can get to a computer

^__^ happy reading

robot turn woman

robot turn woman

sweet and cute

sweet and cute

Anime body pillows

Anime body pillows

naruto and friends

naruto and friends

Lumi and Eclair Wallpaper

Donnerschlag with Eclair and Lumi Wallpaper

Lumi and Eclair Wallpaper from Kiddy Grade Anime

AGZ : Lumi and Eclair Wallpaper

Lumi and Eclair Wallpaper

Donnerschlag with Eclair and Lumi Wallpaper

Lumi and Eclair Wallpaper from Kiddy Grade Anime

AGZ : Lumi and Eclair Wallpaper


Berikan award mungil ini ke blog yang kamu sayangi sekarang juga !!! Happy I LOVE U HAIR SHIRT day !!! Tahukah kamu ? Bahwa baju ini dibuat dengan BULU HIDUNG SPONGEBOB !!! Iyaak ..!
Sumber Gambar : Spongebob Squarepants 

Naruto Shippuden Anime 162

Naruto Shippuden Anime 162 : Pain to the World


7 menit awal Naruto Shippuden 162

Silahkan READ MORE untuk lihat beberapa screenshotnya...

Tunggu ya, untuk SPECIAL EPISODE ! Ada banyak screenshotnya lho !!! ;)

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Welcome to the New Ghost of the still

Ghost Of The Still GOT + S

So all silliness Aside I stated in my last post that this was now going to be a serious Blog. First let me thank Audrey of "Holes in my brain" ( For helping me with this and being an interesting person to talk to on Good reads and my only follower.
So by "Serious" Blog I mean a blog with purpose instead of Random posts (though there will still be some random posts like Part III and Part IV where its more like a story with meaning) but those will now be fewer then before. Also links will be small and hardly there possibly under the pictures but not promote in the post like it is now. Sorry rambling enough this post is an intro to Manga and the rating system of manga as well as what to expect in this blog now

Pronounced Mon-Gha but a lot of people in the USA (myself included) pronounce it Man-Gha. Manga translate into Comic in Japanese so manga is a comic in Japanese style like anime. Manga also reads right to left, is in black and white, and has balance in the panels,has 4-5 chapters per book, are about the size of a paperback novel, cheap sell from $7.95- $10.00 might be more if it is hard cover most manga are soft cover. There are also many USA distributing companies which I will link at the end after I explain what's to come

So now that you know the basics of manga ( its black and white, reads right to left, cheap, small) let me tell you about the rating system similar to Games and movies manga also has a MPAA of its own normally very easy to tell and will say on the back for example T 13+ or on the inside Flap what this manga contains that is rare though

A/Y- A is for All that means all ages and Y is similar being for 10 and up for the most part there is nothing too questionable or bad in A or Y manga however some artists (like CLAMP) like Boy love (Homo) Girl love and every kind of love in between 99% of the time when it is in a A/Y manga it is innocent and "pure" but still its nice to be aware of that even though there might not be kissing there could be strong implications that you or your child reading that manga may have questions about Movie rating G-PG

T- For teen unlike Y and A there may be some questionable content in a T for 13+ manga for example in "Dramacon" there is attempted rape, and underage drinking, in "sand chronicles" there is suicide, sex, under age drinking, dating relatives and such: however, there is this and so much more in YA fiction, movies, TV shows so really its to be taken with a grain of salt what can be found in a T manga would be bloody violence, hits at sex(but censored), drinking, nudity and bad words Movie rating would be PG- 13

OT- For older teens 16+ normally it will say on the back sometimes it will have a T+ on the back instead of OT but that means the same thing. With this it varies to how the person will react I personally don't like blood and gore but loved "Black butler" for example, OT manga will have Bad words Bloody and or gory violence hints at Sex or rape(censored), Nudity, awkward parts and disturbing images Movie rating would be R

M- For mature These manga are Easy to pick out normally these are the ones still in Shrink wrap with a "Parental warning" on the cover For example: see the warning at the bottom of the cover?
These manga normally contain Extreme bloody gory violence uncensored sex or rape, nudity, language, Gore, etc Movie rating would be NC-17

Be wry with series for the most part all books in the same series is the same rating, but not always. " Juvenile orion" for example is a five book long manga out of those five the first and last book are T for teen the 3 in the middle (2,3,4) are OT for older teen.

Here are the links to better known Manga distributers (yes I had to look it up)

So on to what to expect and how I "work"
- All Reviews will be pre typed on word and double checked before being post here.

- I try not to use I in these reviews as these are reviews more of the book then anything else if there is something REALLY annoying or that I have to say I will state "I like" I didn't like" but for the majority its " This was great You almost want to..blah blah blah" I use you a lot or people this is of course MY opinion/review on it the only place you se I is when I explain why I gave it the rating I did normally

- No links! I will try my hardest NOT to link to anything at all there may be one or two reviews with a link for the most part the only link you will see will be under the picture linking to that picture (to show where I got it from) but it will be tiny enough that it doesn't distract from the review

- Some Reviews are written out of order I'm not going to say which ones but you will be able to tell via quality you'll be able to see the difference after a while

- I'm not going to review Every book/manga I read this would be well tiring, but also I may not have much to say so why review? Furthermore I'm not only going to review books and manga I'm also going to review Some movies and some anime not a lot but some one or two animes or movies such as "Eclipse" or "code geass" or something we'll see However I state this I may not mean it meaning I may end up reviewing every book I read from my TBR list but maybe not it really all depends

- I rarely back track and reread manga if I read a manga from that point I skip around that being said there is one review where I'll be "re reading" ie. Skipping a manga this will be the only time you will see a manga I already read reviewed here for the majority What I review here is Honest straight out of the box first time reading Review. For the manga you may here some favoritism towered a company or artist but not a series itself

I guess thats all I have about it this will be my first time Reviewing anything in a "serious" manner so bare with me if one or three reviews are short or rough I'll get the hang of it as I do this more
Also I will get a proper header soon as well as a post that isn't a review Posts that are not review will have some sort of sign like * or I* or something I'll explain once I have that figured out

Naruto Shippuden Manga 496

Maaf ya telat, hehehe, maklum internet di Birmingham belum dipasang di rumah.

Naruto berhadapan dengan Kyubi

Maaf lagi ga ada bocorannya, soalnya ga bisa lama-lama di perpustakaan, baca sendiri yaa .. 

Inuzuka Hana Profile

Inuzuka Hana adalah kakak kandung Kiba. Hana merupakan dokter hewan hebat khususnya anjing. Hana merupakan seorang chunin Konoha. Ia memiliki 3 anjing yaitu 3 Haimaru bersaudara. Hana sangat sayang pada Kiba, sifatnya berbeda dengan klan Inuzuka lainnya, Hana sedikit lebih lembut.

Hana menggunakan baju dokter pada saat menjadi dokter hewan, namun saat menjalankan misi mengenakan jas chunin Konoha. Terdapat juga 2 tanda taring pada pipinya, namun tidak terlihat taring pada mulut Hana.

Sebagai dokter hewan yang hebat, Hana mengenal mengenai tubuh-tubuh anjing. Hana juga bisa menggunakan jurus-jurus klan Inuzuka.


Inuzuka Tsume Profile

Inuzuka Tsume adalah ibu dari Inuzuka Hana dan Inuzuka Kiba. Sifatnya terlihat liar dan tangguh, namun terlihat perhatian dalam mengurusi keluarganya. Tsume adalah ninja level Jonin Spesial (antara Chunin dan Jonin). Anjing partnernya adalah Kuromaru. Tsume terlihat menyerang Pain Preta bersama Kiba, namun Pain Preta menggunakan Pain Kuchiyose yang sudah mati sebagai Perisai. Setelah itu, Tsume dan Kiba melacak Pain Kuchiyose dan menyerangnya, namun Pain Kuchiyose mengkuchiyose Pain Preta sebagai prisai.

Terdapat tanda klan Inuzuka pada pipi Tsume seperti Kiba dan Hana. Tsume juga berpenampilan animalistic (liar atau seperti hewan) seperti Kiba dan memiliki gigi taring. 

Kemampuan Tsume cukup hebat jika digabungkan dengan Kuromaru. Tsume mampu menggunakan gatsuga dengan Kuromaru. 

Gambar : Tsume menyerang Pain Preta dengan Gatsuga


New D.Gray-Man Wallpaper

New D.Gray-Man Wallpaper 1

New D.Gray-Man Wallpaper 2

AGZ : New D.Gray-Man Anime Wallpaper

New D.Gray-Man Wallpaper

New D.Gray-Man Wallpaper 1

New D.Gray-Man Wallpaper 2

AGZ : New D.Gray-Man Anime Wallpaper

Aburame Shibi Profile

Shibi adalah ayah Shino. Sifatnya sangat tabah seperti anaknya dan terlihat tak beremosi (tenang). Seperti kebanyakan klan Aburame, Shibi mengenakan baju tertutup dan membawa semacam kantong di punggungnya, kemungkinan itu merupakan Kikaichu. 

Shibi menggunakan baju tertutup seperti Shino pada part I dan mengenakan kacamata hitam.

Shibi belum pernah terlihat bertarung. Namun, ia menggunakan teknik-teknik serangga seperti klan Aburame lainnya. Shibi juga mampu mengeluarkan racun dari asap beracun Kankuro dari dalam tubuh Shino menggunakan serangga.  

Shibi diceritakan mengalahkan klan Kamizuru bersama klan Aburame lainnya. Pada part II, Shibi bersama klan Aburame lainnya menyerang Konan namun Konan kabur dan Shibi kembali merayakan kemenangan Naruto melawan Pain.  

Akimichi Choza Profile

Choza merupakan ayah Choji yang berasal dari klan Akimichi. Choji memiliki sifat yang hampir sama dengan Choji, salah satunya adalah suka makan. Pada saat penyerangan Pain, Choza membantu Kakashi menghancurkan Pain Asura, namun Choza dikalahkan Pain Yahiko dan hampir mati. Tetapi terselamatkan oleh Katsuyu atau mungkin dihidupkan kembali oleh Pain.

Choza memiliki tubuh yang besar dan penampilan yang mirip dengan Choji. Pada bajunya terdapat tulisan jepang yang berarti 'makanan'.

Choza memiliki kemampuan Akimichi yaitu membesarkan ukuran tubuhnya. Jurus-jurusnya sama seperti jurus Choji, salah satunya Baika no Jutsu.

Choza sepertinya sangat bersyukur akan kedatangan Tsunade pada part I. Terlihat ketika ia mengatakan pada Ino bahwa kalau Tsunade tidak datang, Choji akan mati. Choza juga salah satu dari banyak orang Konoha yang mati dan [mungkin] dihidupkan lagi oleh Pain.


Nara Shikaku Profile

Nara Shikaku adalah ayah Shikamaru dan juga istri Nara Yoshino. Shikaku adalah seorang jonin yang cerdas, sama seperti anaknya, sehingga ia sering terlibat dalam rapat hokage dan mendampingi Tsunade dalam pertemuan 5 kage di Kumogakure. Selain itu, Shikaku juga mewariskan sifat pada Shikamaru, yaitu selalu mengalah pada wanita. Ia merupakan anggota Ino-Shika-Cho.

Shikaku mengenakan baju jonin dengan luka di wajahnya.

Seperti klan Nara lainnya, Shikaku menggunakan teknik-teknik bayangan.

Shikaku memiliki sifat yang hampir sama dengan Shikamaru.  

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New One Piece Strong World Wallpaper

One Piece Strong World Wallpaper

One Piece Strong World by ThousandMaster

AGZ : New One Piece Strong World Wallpaper

New One Piece Strong World Wallpaper

One Piece Strong World Wallpaper

One Piece Strong World by ThousandMaster

AGZ : New One Piece Strong World Wallpaper



 Sheila ON 7 atau SO7 telah mengeluarkan lagu baru lagi meskipun masih promo, berjudul hari bersamanya. Silahkan klik disini untuk mendownload.
Oiya,..mungkin saya agak telat, tapi saya baru saja mendengar lagu panggung sandiwara yang diremake oleh Sheila, dengan suara khas Duta, lagu ini terdengar sangat Sheila On 7, pokoknya asik .Silahkan klik disini untuk mendownload juga.



hemm,.....sebelum game-game yang seperti sekarang ini (ps1, ps 2, ps3, x-box, psp)...pastinya kalian pernah mainin game - game jadul dari NES ataupun SEGA. Dan seperti saya yang terkadang kangen buat mainin game itu kembali. Dulu saya punya game favorit seperti captain tsubasa, nekketsu heroes, super mario, dan masih banyak lagi.
emm,....dan bagi teman-teman yang ingin mainin game2 kayak itu kembali bisa coba klik disini untuk mendownload dan mainin di PC. Buat sekadar mengenang masa lalu. Selamat mencoba.

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