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Free Animated Screensavers

Animation is the technology of creating a stimulation of movement by displaying a series of pictures, or frames, one after the another, after a specified duration, so as to create a moving effect. Cartoons on the television are one such example of the animation. Animation on computers is one of the chief ingredients of the world of multimedia. And one of the main aspects of this ever-popular world of multimedia is animated screensavers. Animated screensavers create an illusion of the moving images and figures on your display screen.

These animated screensavers are created with the aid of digital computers and specialized animation software like flash, director, Microsoft GIF animator, and many others.

There are large numbers of free animated screensavers available on the Internet, offering different themes and categories. These screensavers can be downloaded onto your screen without any hassle, just by simply downloading it from the Internet, free of cost. You can always seek help of the different search engines to look for your favorite animated screensaver to enliven and decorate your screen. Some popular screensavers are cascading waterfalls, falling snow, moving cartoons, singing Santa, and many others. Some of the other screensavers reflecting the effect of the magical world of animation are free lake scenes—a beautiful and relaxing display of a photographic lake scenes that come to life with animation. The dancing baby screensaver brings on your screen a dancing doll that can modify its steps based on your mouse instructions.

Bring these animated screensavers on your display screen and be ready to express yourself and your mood with beauty and style.

Utada Hikaru PVs

Utada Hikaru - Traveling

Utada Hikaru - Colors

Utada Hikaru - Keep Tryin'

Utada Hikaru - Hikari

Utada Hikaru - Can You Keep a Secret

Utada Hikaru - Deep River

Utada Hikaru - Be My Last

Utada - You Make Me Want to Be a Man

Utada Hikaru - Automatic

Utada - Easy Breezy

Blue Uruhara Kisuke - Bleach Wallpaper

Blue Uruhara Kisuke - Bleach Wallpaper
Within the Wind. Uruhara Kisuke Picture
from Bleach Anime

Edward Elric Circle Wallpaper

Edward Elric Circle Wallpaper
Edward Elric picture from the anime full metal alchemist with the transmutation circle background and there is a symbol of alchemy with the blood red
from Full Metal Alchemist

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Akatsuki Chibi

Akatsuki Chibi Animation Pictures.....................................


Naruto akatsuki Animation

Naruto akatsuki Animation Pictures........................


Uzumaki Naruto and Cute Squirrel Wallpaper

Uzumaki Naruto and Cute Squirrel Wallpaper
Funny Squirrel and Naruto seen intimate
from Naruto Anime

Takeru and Patamon Digimon Wallpaper

Takeru and Patamon Digimon Wallpaper
Takeru one of character from digimon adventure with background draws yellow black.
It beside available Patamon, then is after available evolution from patamon as angemon and digivice's device from patamon
from Digimon Adventure

Saturday, November 28, 2009

speena Discography

speena was a two-person (previously three-person) group on the avex trax label. They debuted in 2000 with the single “Calm Soul,” and have released a total of five albums since then, their latest being “Ninnananna” in January 2007. In mid-2005, speena’s drummer Shouko left the group to persue her own projects; the group then consisted of vocalist Kanako and guitarist Shiho.

In June of 2007, Kanako and Shiho announced that they would be “transforming” into Yvonne Sisters. The speena name will no longer be used.


1st Album:
[much much more!!]

Track Listing:
01 Girlie Rock
02 Jirenma
03 Bubble Bible
04 speena
05 Calm Soul
06 Iron Tower
07 Ego Rock
08 Nemureru Mori
09 Self Drunker
10 Chulolly's Ring
11 Kimi dake no Koto
12 Thanatos
13 speena 2001

not available

2nd Album:
[Chu Chu de Vista!!]

Track Listing:
01 Tsuki ni Naku
02 vista!
03 Marugoretta
04 Electric Song
05 Strange Days
06 One Two Three
07 Yuuhatsu Modern
08 Gekirin ni Furete Kuukijuu Uchippanashi
09 Crystal
10 Tsuzureori
11 Yuuyake Issho ni Miyou
12 Vita
13 Veil

Part 1:
Part 2:

3rd Album:
[Sugar Moon Champs-Elysees]

Track Listing:
01 Kira Kira Days
02 Rendezvous
03 viva! romantic
04 Ohana no Hitorigoto
05 Hitogomi to Watashi
06 dear my mama
07 Sugar Moon Champs-Elysee
08 Momoiro to Haiiro
09 Mizu to Amai Hana
10 Butter Cream
11 Marvelous Day
12 Konpeitou no Tameiki
13 Singin' Swimmin' Sweet
14 Raspberry Sauce Raspberry Heart

Part 1:
Part 2:

4th Album:

Track Listing:
01 Bedroom Story
02 Jewel Box
03 Cheek to Cheek
04 Love Hand Claps
05 Moonlight Monste
06 Hello, hi!
07 Girlfriend
08 Dancing Doll


1st Mini-Album:
[Candy Lovely Music!!]

Track Listing:
01 Material Girl
02 Special Boyfriend
03 True Colors
04 Sweet Memories
05 Parade Shiyou yo
06 Toshishita no Otoko no Ko
07 Ame no Hi to Getsuyoubi wa

*Credit and thanks to Suffers

1st Single:
[Calm Soul]

Track Listing:
01 Calm Soul
02 Hill Killer
03 Calm Soul (instrumental)
04 Hill Killer (instrumental)


2nd Single:

Track Listing:
01 Speena
02 Love Potion No.69
03 Speena (instrumental)
04 Love Potion No.69 (instrumental)

not available

3rd Single:

Track Listing:
01 Jirenma
02 Sixteen
03 Jirenma (instrumental)
04 Sixteen (instrumental)


4th Single:
[Nemureru Mori]

Track Listing:
01 Nemureru Mori
02 Yuuwaku Aroma
03 Nemureru Mori (instrumental)
04 Yuuwaku Aroma (instrumental)

not available

5th Single:

Track Listing:
01 Tanatosu
02 Haiagaredii
03 Dai Meiwaku
04 Niku wo Kure


6th Single:

Track Listing:
01 Tsuzureori
02 Gosan (Gin Gin Gin)
03 Aijousouchi


7th Single:

Track Listing:
01 Marugoretta
02 Fuzz
03 Heart no Pumps


8th Single:
[Strange Days]

Track Listing:
01 Strange Days
02 Aoi Osora Kara


9th Single:
[Tsuki ni Naku]

Track Listing:
01 Tsuki ni Naku
02 24 Love Song


10th Single:
[Material Girl]

Track Listing:
01 Material Girl
02 Toshishita no Otoko no Ko
03 Material Girl (instrumental)
04 Toshishita no Otoko no Ko (instrumental)


11th Single:
[Kira Kira Days]

Track Listing:
01 Kira Kira Days
02 Syrup Rondo
03 Candy


Sweet Inuyasha Kagome - Wallpaper

Sweet Inuyasha Kagome - Wallpaper
inuyasha and kagome seen very romantic when sit at sakura tree
from inuyasha anime

Usopp Horn One Piece Picture

Usopp Horn One Piece Picture
usopp was playing the trumpet of shells and luffy who sits on the goat was seen shouting (probably was singing). While Nami was panicked because the goats eat paper
from One Piece Anime

Friday, November 27, 2009

Animated Backgrounds - Wow Your Viewers With Your Choice

Using animated backgrounds for the first time can be a little bit daunting. Thankfully, it is actually easier than ever and can lead to some excellent results if you are prepared beforehand.

The first thing you need to know is that you've made the right choice in exploring backgrounds with motion in them. There is nothing more boring than staring at a presentation that uses a dull, stationary background. The fact that yours will be animated means that you're on the right track already!

The next thing you need to do, however, is make sure you're choosing the background that is right for your project. While most animated backgrounds are interesting, you need to make sure it's neither too subtle nor too over-the-top for the feel you're going for in your video.

To get a feel for the kind of background you might include you should imagine your target audience as they watch your video. What do they like to do? What kinds of things interest them? Knowing this and getting a clear picture in your head can help you choose the animations that will fit in with their style. Another thing you need to do before you choose an animated background is decide what you want the person to feel as they watch. Do you want excitement, empathy, inspiration, happiness, or what? Knowing what kind of emotion you want to evoke is half the battle when it comes to choosing a great animation.

Do keep in mind that while these things are all important, you don't want to over-analyze things either. As long as your video is great to look at and has professional appeal you should have nothing to worry about.

It makes it even easier when you have access to animated backgrounds that you can really trust. It's a great thing that there are so many backgrounds that are available royalty free. That means you can use them where you'd like in your videos! You can also make them shorter, loop them, or splice them together for a unique feel.

If all this sounds foreign to you right now- don't worry! As you start the process of creating video with motion backgrounds you'll realize that It's a lot easier than you think. Part of the reason this is true is because a lot of the work is done for you when the background is all ready to go!

Whether you've yet to make your first video or are a seasoned veteran, you can create professional quality videos in less time that you think. Better yet, it will cost a lot less than you think as well! That is a great thing since the more video you're able to produce these days, the better. Choosing animated backgrounds is easy, but there are some things you need to consider along the way. Knowing your audience and choosing animations that get your point across is key.

Animation Jobs - 3D Animation to Improve Your Factory, Warehouse, and Supply Chain Flows

We sure hear a lot of complaints about how hard it is to break into the 3-D animation business and Hollywood. Many in the US are complaining that most of the jobs are now going to India, and whereas, it is true that the Indian animation entertainment sector and electronic arts industry is growing by leaps and bounds, we must also realize that there are many more animation films every year than there ever have been in the past.

We should also realize that Disney, Pixar, and DreamWorks are each putting out a couple of animation films a month, usually they might be able to do one, two, or maybe on a blue moon three in the same year. It should also be noted that television is using much more animation than they have in the past, and not just for kids programs and cartoons anymore. Worldwide, we are watching more animation films, and cartoons, so the reality is the entire industry is moving upward and more jobs are needed.

Of course, the computer technology and software is also getting much better and a good computer operator is able to do what 100 animators used to be able to do in a week's time. So whereas, there are more animation films, it can be said there is a need for less people. And more folks with creative ability + excellent computer skills in manipulating and designing on 3D software.

Still, we need people, lots of them to do animation, and this is why so much work is going to where jobs are the cheapest in India. Nevertheless, there are jobs in the United States in animation related industry subsectors, such as 3-D animation for presentations of new inventions, innovations, concepts, or products. There is also a huge need for things like 3-D animation to help companies and corporations improve their distribution supply chain flows in their factories and warehouses.

Before, anyone gives up on their dream to have a job in animation, they should look at these ancillary industries as well. From there they just might be able to get the experience they need to break into the more glamorous, and "sometimes" higher-paying animation entertainment industry. I sure hope you will please consider all this.


1. Wharton Business School Newsletter; Story on Animation Industry in India.
2. Strategic Business Magazine; recent article on 3D Animation in Warehouse and Supply Chain Efficiencies.

Source :,-Warehouse,-and-Supply-Chain-Flows&id=3064878

The Elite - Gundam Seed Wallpaper

The Elite - Gundam Seed Wallpaper
Cool Shinn Asuka, Kira Yamato, and Athurn Zala
from Gundam Seed Destiny Anime

Straw Hat Pirates Picture

Straw Hat Pirates Picture
Luffy, Usopp, Zorro, Nami Picture
from One Piece anime

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Use of Graphics in Computer Animation

Computer graphics have come long way ahead in terms of technology and creativity. Cartoon animation is one such feature that is being used extensively in website designing. In animation different series of drawings are segregated together in order to create movement. Resolution of vision requires at least 24 frames per second in a particular frame. As far as cartoon animation goes, animators and cartoonists both are required to make them.

Creative aspect

Usage of cartoon characters online for company or product promotion makes a special impact on the site visitor. It adds element of interest, humor and attractiveness to a website. Cartoonists are people who are responsible for using graphics in developing cartoon characters and inserting the right expressions on their faces. After that animators use specialized graphic software tools to animate them. Based on a particular storyline, cartoon characters are created and movement is given as per the story. Usually these cartoon animations have a particular theme behind them with a strike of fun added to them.

Themes in cartoon animations should be concrete and appeal to the visitors. Cartoons are given life through animation, it is indeed challenging job. Putting right kind of emotion and expression in cartoon characters require deep thinking, power of visualization and knowledge.

Animated cartoons are in sequential order with humor in it based on the storyline. Use of language can be there or not there, it depends on your target audience and whether you want to use a specific language or not. Cartoons are far ahead of any regional constraints. Many advanced computer software are available in the market which are used by animators and cartoonists to create wide range of animations used in online games, commercial uses, online presentations, cartoon movies, etc.

Types of computer animation

Cartoon animation can be constructed in two different formats- 2D and 3D computer graphical design. The different resolutions used in their making gives diversified optical illusion of motion to the onlooker.

Development of 2D cartoon animation is done on computer screen or paper with the help of 2D vector graphics or bitmap. Techniques like morphing, twining, blurring and interpolation are used in 2D graphics which are initially drawn on X-Y coordinate. PowerPoint and Macromedia Flash are widely used software tools for creating 2D animations.

In 3D cartoon animation, cartoons are created by using polygons. These objects are treated with digital armature process known as rigging. In very short duration of time 3D animation has become widely used and powerful animation tool.

Source :

Red Itachi Uchiha - Naruto Wallpaper

Red Itachi Uchiha - Naruto Wallpaper
cool Itachi Wallpaper with Sharingan Eye
from Naruto Anime

Yamato and Gabumon Digimon Wallpaper

Yamato and Gabumon Digimon Wallpaper
Yamato one of character from digimon adventure with background draws blue black.
It beside available Gabumon, then is after available evolution from Gabumon and digivice's device from gabumon
from Digimon Adventure

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Aladin Animation

Aladin Animation Pictures..................


Lunamaria Space - Gundam Seed Wallpaper

Luna Maria Space - Gundam Seed Wallpaper
Cute Lunamaria fly above cloud outside sky.
Luna seen pretty because has a pair wing at the back
from Gundam Seed Anime

Hikari and Gatomon Digimon Wallpaper

Hikari and Gatomon Digimon Wallpaper
hikari one of character from digimon adventure with background draws pink chromatic.
It beside available Gatomon, then is after available evolution from gatomon as angewomon and digivice's device from gatomon
from Digimon Adventure

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

MySpace Avatars - Add A Little Spice to Your Profile

Avatars are a cool way to express your mood or something you believe in strongly, and they can really dress up a MySpace profile. What's an avatar? It is a small to medium sized graphic, sometimes animated, sometimes not, and almost always eye-catching and colorful. Browse some of the top profiles, and you will be convinced of their popularity. One reason that avatars are used in heavy rotation is because they are an easy way to tell the world what you are thinking or feeling

There are so many different types of avatars available that you could add a new one to your profile daily for a couple of years, and still not be even close to using them all. Just a few of the categories you can find by doing a search for "MySpace avatars" include -

• Animals

• Anime

• Cartoons

• Fantasy

• Funny

• Games

• Holidays

• Love

• Movies

• Music

• Sports

A good way to see what kind of avatars are the most popular is to search for "Top Ranked Avatars". This will give you a sampling of what other users have deemed the best and have used themselves. Trends can vary, but you generally can't go wrong in choosing animated avatars, those which feature famous actors or musicians, funny photos, suggestive photos, or various human emotions. All of these subjects seem to stay in the top ten among MySpace users.

That said, 3d avatars are HOT on MySpace. These can appear to be almost real! You can customize these by uploading a photo of yourself, plus a short recording of your voice or any other sound effects you want to use. Then, you add a body, clothing, special effects such as glasses or tattoos, and choose a background. What you end up with could be termed a "Talking Head" that looks like you and sounds like you, too. The mouth actually moves, and the facial expressions are truly lifelike! It's very easy to create one of these, too. A search for "3d MySpace avatars" will lead you to several web pages which have generators for these avatars that you can use for free to create a truly one-of-a-kind avatar for your profile.

Another extremely popular avatar on MySpace is called a Dollie. Girls love these, and part of the fun is that it is pretty easy to find a dollie that closely resembles you. Included in the avatar is a short message which can be funny, cute or a bit spicy to suit the occasion.

Message only and photo only avatars seem to be a well-liked form of self expression among MySpace users. These can add a lot of personality to a profile when used together. No, you aren't limited to just one! Any avatar is super easy to add to your MySpace profile. Just copy the code from the site where your chosen avatar is located, and paste the code into any section of your profile. Have fun with avatars!

Silent Night Uruhara Kisuke - Bleach Wallpaper

Silent Night Uruhara Kisuke - Bleach Wallpaper
from Bleach Anime

Tony Tony Chopper Rainbow Wallpaper

Tony Tony Chopper Rainbow Wallpaper
tony tony chopper wallpaper with background rainbow color.
There is chopper's pose kinds of that funny.
Most even more available chopper that big takes in chopper little.
There is also that grunting while razzing.
One that so impressive is chopper while take in strawhat pirate flag
from one piece anime

Monday, November 23, 2009

Chibi Uruhara Kisuke - Bleach Wallpaper

Chibi Uruhara Kisuke - Bleach Wallpaper
Chibi Uruhara Kisuke while bring big small brush he uses to paint font ruddles at wall
from Bleach Anime

Blue Black Sharingan Uchiha Brothers Wallpaper

Blue Black Sharingan Uchiha Brothers Wallpaper
Picture Uchiha brothers that is Sasuke and Itachi.
Sasuke the head is being being held by itachi is biting a shuriken.
Wallpaper dominantly blue colour and black with symbol sharingan rear as background very good.
from Naruto Anime

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Finding Nemo Trivia and History

The movie Finding Nemo has many popular characters including, Marlin the Clownfish, his son Nemo, Dory the Tang fish, and the characters from the aquarium, Gill, Bloat, Peach, Gurgle, Bubbles, Deb, and Jacques. This is an award winning movie that most kids and adults loved. Some parents certainly had to endure endless repetitions of, ‘can we watch it again’ from their kids. The popularity of Finding Nemo was somewhat surprising because it was intended to be a children’s show, but many adults loved it too. Primarily because it featured family related content, without a lot of crude humor.

As with any movie there is some conflict that needs to be resolved. In this one little Nemo, raised solely by his father since the mother died is captured by human divers. Marlin immediately goes on a quest to find his son, which takes him all over the sea and gets him into a lot of trouble. It also makes him a lot of new friends and helps Marlin overcome his fear of letting Nemo experience the outside world.

Finding Nemo set a record for the highest grossing opening weekend for a cartoon movie. Although the record didn’t last long it was a big deal for Pixar Animation Studios which created the film and Disney which released it. Finding Nemo is a computer animated cartoon, which means there are no live action characters but it’s not like at cartoon either. The entire movie is created with computer graphics and actors provide the voices.

It certainly makes for a good theme at any children’s party. You can combine it with an under the sea party theme for lots of extra decoration ideas. Kids will love watching the movie, over and over again for entertainment at the party. Don’t forget the fish sticks and hush puppies for good party food.

Tips on Selling Character Designs

Have you ever wondered how some cartoon characters became so famous - with hundreds or thousands of merchandise bearing their names and images? Remove the ones with animated series out of the equation since they have a marketing medium - and you still have a handful of characters out there who became famous through the merit of their designs. Examples are Julius the Monkey and Emily the Stange.

This article discusses some tips for creating and selling cartoon characters.

Cute VS Cool

Are your characters cute or cool? Cute characters easily attract the females and the young children markets - two of the largest consumer markets. Character merchandise is often cheaper and more affordable. Therefore profit through sheer volumes of sales can be quite astounding.

Cool characters are more suitable as collectibles, and often cater more to the male market. As they are often more exclusive and expensive, sales volumes are seldom as impressive as cute character merchandise.

In the spirit of games development, decision makers might simply want to pick a design that is most suited for the game concept. But as far as possible, if the game concept so allows, do try to go for cute characters because they stand a higher chance of getting licensed for merchandising.

Character Bible

A character bible is the foundation for every product that would stem from an intellectual property - be it a game, animated series, comic, story book etc. Regardless of the resulting product, everything should refer back to the character bible. This is what the bible is all about - a kind of blueprint for an intellectual property besides being a showcase for the intellectual property.

Style Guide

A style guide to showcase your characters in their full glory is absolutely necessary if you plan to license your characters. The average licensee is often quite unimaginative and seldom sees beyond what you show them. So if you are showing them screen captures of your game, hoping that they would see the full potential of your character designs, chances are they will not. A style guide with multiple poses and designs of each character would help them understand and appreciate your character designs better.

Product Concept Boards

In your style guide, it would be good to include product concept boards. These are renderings of mock products with your character designs integrated within. Product concept boards are great for letting potential licensees see how they can use your character designs on their products.

Source :
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