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Desktop Wallpapers - Living the Life That You Want

It pays to be creative. With creativity, you can sort out some messed up things and make it sound or look like a new one but actually freshly-cut from an old material. With creativity, you can live your dream in an instant: wandering off in the ocean, soaring out in the heavenly planetary space, cuddling with your favorite pet, coming face to face with the hottest celebrity, smelling the crisp fragrance of flowers, and who knows what else. In an instant, the crazy internet revolution can give you all of these for free. No credit card hassles. No purchases required. Yes, it is crazy, absolutely free of charge.

To live the life that you want, desktop wallpapers offer you a variety of designs or photos to download freely from the internet and paste on your computer screen. This collection gathers your innermost wishes and desires, and make them look and feel like real - but on the computer monitor.

Animals Category is a collection of adorable and cuddly images of dogs and cats playing with each other or playing alone.

Celebrities category is a showcase of the hottest celebrities in Hollywood dressed up in their most trendy clothing. List includes Angelina Jolie, Liv Tyler, Nicole Kidman, Britney Spears, and other favorite popular stars.

Flowers category displays different images of flowers like red tulips, white roses, and other colorful flowers in bloom.

Music category sets up your favorite music artists in different photos. These photos remind you of their album covers and music.

Military category shows fighter planes, assault vehicles, B52 bomber, aircraft carriers, and other helicopters for military use.

Nature takes you to a relaxing stroll into their photo of a Wooden Path or in admiration for their image of a Water Drop on a Leaf.

Places bring you to places you have never been to or actually have already been to that linger in your mind. Examples are the Empire State Building, White House, Statue of Liberty, Eiffel Tower, or the Tower Bridge.

Space category will stun you with its images of heavenly space, planetary space, and everything abstract to space and Earth time.

Anime category toys with the works of computer and the works of real life, producing animated characters and designs such as Naruto 24.

Cartoons take you down the memory lane of childhood with its designs of cartoon characters like Tweety, Winnie the Pooh, and more.

Cars category lets you imagine driving your favorite car of Porsche and other luxurious big boys' toys.

Holidays category reminds you of the good times during holiday seasons like Christmas, Valentine, Mother's Day, and so on.

More alternatives can be found in this collection of wallpapers. Each wallpaper satisfying your gnawing passion for things or your desires or dreams of luxurious or simple stuff, how you want it and whenever you want it. So if you are too tired, bored, or you just want to slip into that dreamy space and time, take a time off to stare at your favorite wallpaper and live it the way you want it.

Anime Content and Its Effects

A lot of people today know at least something about Anime. Some may refer to it as Japanese Animation, while others may say that they're cartoons that look a lot better than American toons. Well, both of those appear to be correct if you ask the majority of Anime fans out there. Anime has been around for a long time and it is definitely blossoming everywhere across the world. Since this has been in effect, Anime on the internet has been expanding as well.

According to the Internet age early in the 1990s, Anime was slowly approaching to its fans diversely across the web. Different websites were made to display different Anime series by giving the visitors content to come back for. Around this time, Anime fans were more into searching for their favorite Anime series and finding media such as images and screenshots from the specific shows that they watched and enjoyed. Inspired by Japanese Animation, these fans were verily into drawing their own Anime pictures. When this trend vastly became popular, fans began to submit their Anime fan art to websites, so that others can view their work. This, however, was only its starting point as Anime started to reach out to thousands of people.

After 1995, amassed Anime shows from Japan had entered the television networks of America. Popularly known cable television channels such as Sci-Fi, Cartoon Network's Toonami, WB, and FOX took part in this new revolution and millions of Anime fans started to watch their very own Anime programs! Primarily, these television networks aired shows such as the popular Dragon Ball Z, Sailor Moon, and Gundam Wing. But as the numbers watching Anime in the nation grew to a certain point, even more shows were available to the fans. Once again, it all came back to the Internet as an evolved form.

Movie clips and other multimedia became broadly accessible to the public now. Fans started downloading countless of video clips based on their favorite Anime series. Soundtracks and albums were also out, along with DVDs that can be purchased online and in stores everywhere. This "age" of Anime content on the web lasted quite a few good years until, of course, the modern days of Anime kicked in. This period of time is what I refer to as "Unlimited Anime", meaning that there is basically no limit to what sources have to offer in the field of Japanese Animation.

Finally it happened. Fans can now download full episodes of numerous Anime series, with no strings attached. But this doesn't mean that just anybody can download full episodes, because you had to have met the minimum requirements. This condition means that the person who wishes to download this content has to generally have the original DVD of that particular Anime series. So if users that download Anime full episodes don't have DVD copies of the series, the website isn't responsible for their actions. A website offering this type of content to Anime fans normally has a Terms & Policy statement, which elucidates all possible rights and wrongs, stated on a portion of their website. These webmasters let their visitors download full episodes by either direct linking to the URL, uploading it as a zip or compressed file onto a P2P network, or submitting it as a BitTorrent media, which is by the way the latest method used today.

I host an Anime website, by the name of DJ's Anime, that basically presents this major Anime multimedia to the public. You can view my website at "" and view the Anime content that I offer. It's currently a new project of mine and will soon expand to a much larger audience.

I was born on May 7, 1988 in India. I came to America at an early age for education and a better future. I currently live in Orange Park, FL of North America. I'm in high school right now and being a webmaster is what I do at home on the internet. I have mastered HTML and other languages that are necessary to know when designing websites. I have made several successful websites online and each time, my knowledge reaches a new height. I am concentrating on web marketing for my website by taking part in several affiliation programs in order to gain traffic and possibly towards making money.

3D Animation - What Does it Take to Become an Animator

Along with the turn of the year and the development of technology, animation as well so that faster progress can be used many ways. There is a high demand for creative 3D animators. They are required in the video industry, advertising, games and even industrial sites. With 3D animation, the animator using traditional animation and new methods to produce real life images computer-generated animation to visually interpret and convey information or messages.

3D animator must keep up to date with constantly appear new techniques, equipment, software, methodology, production techniques, and much more. Many people with an interest in the field will be wondering will it takes to become a 3D animator. 3D animation consists of various aspects so that the demand and need may be quite varied.

While many 3D animators learned skill that is important that the animator has to have some quality. Required characteristics, including being creative both artistically and technically. What this requires more than one sense and mastery of the technical aspects of computer animation and illustration, but also a high ability to be creative artistic. It is also important to be innovative and intelligent. A good animator would be one who not only love the new technology, but learn to use them properly and effectively.

Apart from personal qualities are also referred to as soft skills, because they can not be measured, but also requires some form of formal education to become a 3D animator can command a decent income. Some institutions offer a relatively short course 3D animation. It is helpful to have a bachelor's degree in arts-related disciplines, especially if you have several courses on art history, English, social science, natural science, art studio with some emphasis on animation.

Next it is important to train and practice a lot. Your choice of education should involve a lot of studio work where you can practice and practice. You should take the time to learn how to use the latest technologies that continue to update almost every day. Some programs are required to master including Flash, Adobe Photoshop, 3D Studio Max, Adobe Illustrator, CAD, Adobe After Effects, Light waves, Rhino, Swish, and many more. The ability to use this program will enhance the value and skills.

When you start on the road to be creative and talented 3D animators are also encouraged to build a portfolio of your work. Portfolio will serve as credible evidence of ability and your skills as a 3D animator in the industry of your choice. Many programs used to make 3D animation much easier and productive. But you'll still need to put in a fair amount of hard word and dedication to become an expert 3D animators. Good luck.


Anime and Manga - Find the Best New Animation Online

In the modern era like now more advanced technology and animation are also growing. Japanese animation has quickly become an international craze and continues to grow each year. This is the sensational anime world markets continue to increase the impact of the term "Otaku" is derived and incorporated; loanword created by fans who choose to identify themselves with.

Once considered a unique form of Japanese animation, anime has quickly spread around the world and became an art form which is internationally recognized by fanatical following and loyal fans who come from every state. Anime has inspired new forms of media and arts and reinvented old.

Perhaps the biggest intrigue anime has to offer is a unique art form and style. Using a mixture of drawn backgrounds and characters painted, anime alien medley doctrine brings art into a single media form. With a strange plot device and artistic style of the sequence and fast animation, anime brings a fresh and exciting style to western animation.

After various plot lines and diverse, anime covers various topics and genres within itself. In Japanese Shinto religious beliefs continued for many years and has contributed extensively to the bizarre, often surreal but a lot of contemporary settings anime going in.

Site dates back to the 1930s when little more than black and white animation cinema. Has evolved over the years with the help and the impact of the west like a Disney animator. When Snow White debuted in the 1960s, Japanese animators who used it is a springboard for their young industry and in the 1970s saw the growth of this anime bumpy. Anime real break came in the 1980s when the booming animation industry and in 2000, Japan has become a world leader in animation.

Anime's popularity only grew over the years and in the modern day anime is a term that is recognized internationally by the Internet community and dedicated fan following. Convention for fans of anime are routinely held and attract thousands of devotees every year.

The most loyal and obsessed with anime fans usually refer to themselves as "Otaku", a loanword from the Japanese language used to describe the level of fandom and interest brought to an extreme. Intimate embrace the title, fans eager to take to the term "Otaku" with pride and dedication.

There really is no doubt that Manga are here to stay. From simple background of black and white animation base to the top of animation technology and cultural significance can not be denied that the film has made its mark. For those loyal fans proudly call themselves "Otaku" no greater than a variety of genres and artistic styles sharp extraordinary animation. With the rapid development of animation and good will can make a lot of interesting things including a Japanese animated film good.


Apocalypse - Future Earth HD Wallpapers | Backgrounds

Abstract Apocalypse - Future Earth High Definition Wallpapers | Widescren High Quality Backgrounds.

Dora The Explorer Anime Pictures

Da Capo Anime pictures

Detective Conan anime pictures

Clannad Anime Wallpapers

Megaman anime images

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Making Your Perfect Wallpaper

So, you've found a beautiful image that you'd like for your wallpaper. It most probably is small. The nicer images on the web generally are. Here's why: Many pictures don’t look very good when viewed at their actual size. When down-sized, they do. On sites where users rate these images, they consider the small version first. As a result beautiful images generally come in small sizes. This is not a good thing if searching for wallpapers though.

Describing the problem

If there just was a way to increase the size of these images and not lose quality. But wait a moment, you could say. It’s not just that, I would also need to crop some part of my favourite images and then resize them to fit my screen as best as they can.

Let’s see, what were the requirements again?

  1. Resize the desired image without losing quality to fit at least one dimension of the screen
  2. Allow for enlargement of at least 150% with no noticeable degradation in image quality
  3. Possibility to crop these images and maintain the aspect ratio of my screen if possible

Solution: Automatically enlarge the images

First, use Photoshop of course:

  1. It has resizing
  2. Has sharpening
  3. Cropping

Well, cropping works nice, a little bit of overhead always opening Photoshop every time you want to try another image, but hey, it works. The only problem here is the resizing part. Photoshop really blurs the whole image even for upsizing to 120% times the size of the original image. That’s very poor quality enlarging. This means that if you find a 800x600 image (an average size for the good quality images on deviantart) it would be too blurry to fit on a standard 1024x768 screen. This looks really bad. Photoshop is the best thing out there, many people could argue, and it couldn’t do that? How so?

Sharpen it

Here’s where the Photoshop expert comes in. But don’t just upsize it, sharpen it too. It will certainly look better, you’ll see. And he’s right, for this very small enlargement, sharpening can do the trick for some images. Not all, but it’s ok. Still, there is no satisfying solution when it comes to resizing images to 130% times their original size, and there are a lot like that.

To make things short, you could try every possible sharpening/upsizing solution for Photoshop and it wouldn’t get much better but for very few images that aren’t even that good looking in the first place.

Specialized upsizing programs

There are some specialized commercial programs out there, most boast to make perfect enlargement at 1000% times the original. It looks just like some marketing hype, and actually, it really is. Sad, but true. Even so, they are better than what you can do in Photoshop. They simply fail to keep their promise when it comes to just 200% times enlargement. Why’s that? It’s because they were targeted for upsizing images for print.

This is still awful. Images that are so small in the original that they would need 1000% enlargement certainly wouldn’t have enough detail to satisfy my wallpapering desires.


That’s where comes in. It pretty much solves the upsizing problems I mentioned. The algorithm offered here for free makes even a 200% non-degrading enlarging possible. There’s also a crop feature and the possibility to “quick add” an image for resizing (like for pages on

So, there you have it, your perfect wallpaper, reshaded and maybe touched-up a little in photoshop.


Arrowette is the name of two fictional superheroes in the DC Comics universe. The first character is the mother of the second.

Miss Arrowette

Bonnie King debuts as Miss Arrowette in World's Finest Comics #113.
Publication information
Publisher DC Comics
First appearance World's Finest Comics #113 (November 1960)
Created by Lee Elias (art)
In-story information
Alter ego Bonnie King

The first Arrowette (properly known as Miss Arrowette) is Bonnie King, a would-be sidekick and general nuisance to Green Arrow. She first appears in World's Finest Comics #113 (November 1960).

When Bonnie was a child, her mother Millie put her to archery training, controlling her progress all the time. She turns out to be very good and even goes to the Olympic Games, where she wins a Bronze Medal. Millie, though, had expected a Gold, argued with her daughter over her alleged failure. After that, Bonnie abandoned both home and archery. She never talked to her mother again.

Alone in Star City, she eventually becomes inspired by Green Arrow and Speedy and decides to use her skills in a way that counted. She makes a costume for herself and officially becomes Miss Arrowette. She carries trick arrows such as the Powder Puff Arrow. After that, she helps both archers a few times, even when they did not want her to. Bonnie turns out to be too clumsy to become a hero and too vain to wear a mask. Bonnie briefly dates Green Arrow in his civilian identity of Oliver Queen, as shown in Justice League of America #7 (October-November 1961).
The adult Bonnie King appears in Young Justice.

At some point, she meets journalist Bernell "Bowstring" Jones, who remembers her from the Olympic Games and is probably the only human being to consider her a star. She nicknames him Bowstring because he is as thin as one and takes him briefly as her sidekick so he will give her publicity in his journal. Finally, Green Arrow asks her not to help them anymore.

She has to permanently leave archery because of carpal tunnel syndrome in her wrists, and also due to her job as a secretary. She talks Bowstring into marrying her and, one year later, she has a daughter named Cissie King-Jones. When Bowstring dies five years later from fish poisoning, Hal Jordan (working as an agent for the company that holds Bowstring's life insurance policy) gives Bonnie and Cissie the policy's beneficiary check; the money enables Bonnie to turn Cissie into a superhero. Cissie hardly has time to breathe between lessons of archery, judo, kick-boxing, gymnastics, ballet, and many other fields, and comes to resent her mother deeply.

Bonnie's name is a parody or play on Green Arrow's civilian name, Oliver Queen.


Arrowette, by Todd Nauck
Publication information
Publisher DC Comics
First appearance Impulse #28 (August 1997)
Created by Tom Peyer
Craig Rousseau
In-story information
Alter ego Suzanne "Cissie" King-Jones
Team affiliations Young Justice
Abilities Arrowette is an Olympic-level archer.

Forced by her mother to adopt a version of her old costume, Cissie King-Jones becomes the second Arrowette. Arrowette first appears in the pages of Impulse wearing a frilly costume and a bejeweled mask that apes her mother's old costume. Despite Arrowette's success as a heroine, Impulse's mentor, Max Mercury, is concerned by what he sees as Bonnie's exploitation of her daughter. Child Welfare Services gets involved, and Bonnie loses custody of her daughter, who is sent to the Elias School for Girls, a boarding school.[1]

Arrowette next appears in Young Justice #4 wearing a more practical costume. Acting alone, she battles the villainous Harm and is injured by him with one of her own arrows. However, she manages to escape and contact Young Justice, later joining the team, along with the second Wonder Girl (Cassie Sandsmark) and Secret (Greta). The three quickly become close friends.
Cissie King-Jones appears in her original Arrowette costume.

After her school therapist - one of the few adults whom Cissie trusted - is brutally murdered, Cissie tracks down the killers in a violent rage. She nearly kills one of them herself, but is stopped by Superboy. Cissie is so shaken by the incident that she vows never to be Arrowette again.

Despite leaving the team Cissie remains close friends with her teammates, and eventually reconciles with her mother, who convinces her daughter to try out for the "Summer Games" in Sydney (a thinly veiled reference to the 2000 Summer Olympics, due to DC not being an "official partner" of the Games). With her battle-honed abilities, Cissie ends up taking home the gold, and becomes something of a celebrity, guest-starring on Superboy's favorite TV show, "Wendy the Werewolf Stalker" (a parody of Buffy the Vampire Slayer). She helps the Red Tornado's daughter, Traya, adjust to life at Elias and later, when Secret was returned to humanity, Cissie helps to organize a placement for her at the same school.

Now retired from superheroics, Cissie never expresses any desire to return to her life as a superhero, despite the best efforts of several of her former teammates. They even involve her in a baseball game on an alien planet, with the fate of many innocents riding on the outcome. Cissie is enraged because they chose her instead of many other superhumans, but she participates as best as she can. Her team barely wins. Cissie still remains committed to justice and compassion. During the Imperiex war, she served as medical aid volunteer, again working with Young Justice.[1]

Cissie made a brief appearance in Teen Titans (v3) #7 when Helen Sandsmark attempts to enroll Wonder Girl into the Elias School (which seems to have expanded its student body to boys as well as girls). With Greta Hayes (formerly Secret), the girls threaten to leave the school and take Cissie's celebrity status as a gold winning archer with her, if Wonder Girl is not allowed to enroll. The school gives in to her demands. Cissie makes a second appearance in Teen Titans and Outsiders Secret Files 2005, joining Wonder Girl on a trip to San Francisco, California. Cissie wishes to give her best friend moral support as Cassie battles with the decision to tell her friends that her father was the Greek God, Zeus. At the funeral for her former YJ teammate, Bart Allen, she is mentioned in passing during a video made by Bart prior to his death. Cissie also makes a flashback cameo in Teen Titans #50.

Cissie was last seen hanging out with Cassie and Anita in Wonder Girl #2, now sporting short hair. She is seen again in "Wonder Girl #3" with Anita, as the they help Cassie realize that she has truly gotten over Superboy's death. For the first time since 'retiring' from super-hero work in the pages of Young Justice, Cissie wears a new Arrowette costume that resembles the second one to aid Wonder Girl rescue her mother in Wonder Girl #4.

Skills and abilities

Cissie is a normal human with above average strength, stamina and agility for a girl of her age. She has exceptional hand to hand combatant ability with skills as an Olympic gold-medalist longbow marksman and possesses above average intelligence.

The Homemade Scooby-Doo Costumes For Halloween 2007

Every morning we would get up early either weekday or holiday. Most of us can remember really hope to get up on Saturday. Knowing there is no school, we would jump out of our bed in our foot pajamas, pour yourself a bowl of sweet cereal, and camping in the room for three hours. All this became one purpose: to watch Saturday Morning Cartoons. At that time, Saturday Morning Cartoons were a way of life, but not just the cartoons we coveted, it was also their theme songs. Even now, years later, many of us still have the theme song of our beloved cartoons stuck in the crevices of our memory. Here is our list of Saturday morning cartoon theme songs, when Saturday Morning Cartoons really cool.

Gummi Bears: Gummi Bears, bouncing here and there and everywhere (come on, you know the words). The Gummi Bears was the show introduced by a company that knows a thing or two about animation: Walt Disney. Centered around a group of bears with human characteristics such as fighting the bad guys in Medieval Times (yes, yes, this is a true story), The Gummi Bears praised for being one of the first Saturday Morning Cartoons. Ahead of time, animation behind The Gummi Bears precedent for others to follow. Theme song, too, frankly, quite amazing. Lyrics and songs make you feel happy to be up so early, and ready, if necessary, to fight any giant that comes your way.

The Smurfs: Ahem, mi mi mi ... .. La la la la la laaaaaa, la la la la laaaaaa. If ever there was a theme song, and a show, really unforgettable is The Smurfs. Produced by Hanna-Barbera, The Smurfs forever have a place in pop culture. A series of blue creatures who live in the small mushroom-shaped house, and always avoided the clutches of the evil wizard Gargamel, The Smurfs is the rock Saturday Morning Cartoons for nearly a decade. With the theme song - if any - easy to memorize, songs from The Smurfs is one that certainly will stick in our heads for life.

Alvin and the Chipmunks: Be careful, because here we come. Cartoon Alvin and the Chipmunks presents three orphaned squirrels and their adoptive father David Seville. The trio consists of the troublemaker Alvin, Simon, who is smart, and loved and always hungry, Theodore. Because squirrels released several recordings, the theme song for the television show should be great ... and that. The main storyline of the series featured David Seville as the manager, encouraged the squirrel to be successful through music training (Please note: do this in real life with real squirrels will only lead to rabies).

Scooby Doo: Scooby Dooby doo, where are you, we've got some work to be done now. Ah, good ol 'Scooby and the gang. Scooby Doo cartoon showing a dog with a Donald Duck-esque speech impediment to solve supernatural crimes with Shaggy, Velma, Daphne, and Fred. Another production of Hanna-Barbera, Scooby Doo remain on the most popular and recognized cartoon characters in animation history. Theme song also remains popular: just heard about it was enough to give you the desire for a Scooby snack.

Saved by the Bell: When I woke up in the morning and the alarm gives a warning. Okay, Saved by the Bell was not technically a cartoon, but it was on display on a Saturday morning cartoon line up so make a list. If you have a problem with it, speak with Slater. A series featuring my friends at Bayside High School six, Saved By The Bell was like a Breakfast Club for television. But, not all fun and games: every so often a "very special episode" will appear (remember when he was addicted caffeine pills? I pray he's okay). The theme song, it's hard to hear the alarm clock or missed the bus and not think about Saved by the Bell. Unfortunately, in real life there is no bell to save us when we're late, we usually only need to make a lie. In a lot of holiday children spend their time watching animated films that card always run on TV every holiday.


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Flowers 2560x1600 HD Wallpapers

Flowers , rose, tulips, 2560x1600 widescreen high definition wallpapers, nature hq backgrounds.
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