Sunday, July 26, 2009

Visit Japan Dubes And Animation

Who does not know doraemon movie? Most children surely know ftlm doraemon, Doraemon cat with a magic bag was chosen as Ambassador (Dubes) Japanese Culture Anime. Cats belong Nobita is constituted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan, Masahiko Komura, 19 March 2008 in Tokyo, Japan.

Tuesday (17 / 6), the cat has come to Indonesia for the salute to Kojiro Shiojori, Ambassador (Dubes) Japan to Indonesia. He accompanied the Doraemon Atase Cultural Embassy (Embassy) Japan, Yukari Kaji.

The Dubes Japanese Culture Anime convey, "I am very happy with my friends in Indonesia. I hope my friends in Indonesia akan like Japan. As a Cultural Ambassador of Japanese Animation, I want to introduce to friends in all of Japan"

Doraemon also hope, "Through-kartunku cartoons, I can convey to people outside of Japan is thought by the ordinary people in Japan, such as life Get what we like and what the future of our community who want to create the Japanese."

Doraemon animated movie that was from the comic essay Fujiko F Fujio. Surely you do watch and read. In Japan has been showing on TV since 38 years ago and liked the children and adults.

In Indonesia have been running 18 years in television station RCTI. Therefore according to Agus Simarmata, General Manager of PT Prime IMMG Indonesia, licensed Doraemon in Indonesia.

Yukari Kaji explains, many of the Japanese animated film, a popular animation experts, and pop culture of Japan, Doraemon recommend as "leaders" who are eligible to become dubes cultural animation.

Doraemon, the first cartoon ambassador who will introduce Japanese culture in the world soon in action at various events.

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