Friday, July 31, 2009

Top Five Animated Disney Movies Of All Time

Disney classics that have inspired us for the imagination of the younger generation. As children we want to grow with the desire and dream the dreams that makes Disney so magical. Captivated film that enticed us and our imagination. When I was a little girl I dreamed of becoming a princess. That is what makes this film is very unique. They encourage us to create a dream and we believe we can do anything. It is so hard to pick favorites among the hundreds in the Disney library. Somehow I have managed to select the Top 5 Disney Animated Movies of all time. They are as follows:

1. The Lion King. This film is a true fantastic animated display. Color and African wildlife pictures are very beautiful. Music was also a new standard for animation. Sir Elton John has worked with Tim Rice. Music into something more than children's lullabies, but masterpieces. The Lion King is also one of the animation for the hit Broadway in New York City. Image of its captivating baroque music, classical remains eternal.

2. Beauty sleep is one of the first animated feature produced by Walt Disney. The story is based on the favorite Grimm tale. So, if the success is sent to the big screen is coming. The girls watch glorified as king saved the day. And every little girl is expected they will be rescued by prince charming. Being a first Disney classic, Sleeping Beauty has a lot of recognition. Disney has succeeded in improving the magic, the merchandise for children. So, every little girl can be the Princess Aurora. The creation of the classic Sleeping Beauty is that which will be timeless.

3. The Little Mermaid the other named film made by Disney. This classic story follows the mermaid, who want to live with humans. It was a great representation of something more than usual. Pictures and a revolutionary song, at the time of its release. To this day, this film is still loved by all.

4. Beauty and the Beast is the first animation has been nominated for the Academy Awards. After the release of Beauty and the Beast, the Academy Awards is dedicated specifically for the animated film category. Beauty and the Beast captivated audiences with the intense art and interesting stories. Music in this paper is more than a child's sing-along. Music is a Broadway classic. Disney magic is taken in the form of a coil, when they do the production.

5. Cinderella is a tale told by the most popular Disney. Cinderella is a symbol of what the Walt Disney Studios. What makes the park so popular. This film is so magical. Palace is a symbol and trademark of the company. He is what makes children want to visit Disneyland and Disney World. Movies that made an impression was made through the last two sequels. There are no other words to describe the Cinderella, but without the time-classic.

The stories are loved by all, and their reasons. Walt Disney could never imagine how much impact to the film. This film is the reason for the success of multimillion-dollar company. Film is still treasured to this day. Do you see the film?


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