Saturday, July 25, 2009

Progress Being Animation Graphic Symbol

Now in the modern era can not be denied, animation and various other multimedia files over the last few years has become a symbol of progress in the graphical Internet. Many companies that set off race-race-page web site how to decorate it with the site using a variety of animation, both for navigation purposes, jargon, online advertisement, and so on. Even not all the companies rarely make out all the interface to its practice with animation and other multimedia completeness. It is not applied to obtain the maximum and the view that 'life', and is expected to attract more visitors and always happy to come back to visit the site. This method is used mainly by notebook company in the entertainment world, such as Walt Disney, Cartoon Network, Warner Bross, and many more.

All the above that, in fact the industry has encouraged the application of the portal, such as Adobe to develop themselves. If in the previous era, which rely on many parties with different completeness Macromedia Flash to use to include things that are associated with a cheap notebook on the development of a multimedia web site. Now turn that Adobe has taken over Macromedia products to develop this technology.

During this time visitors are often faced a difficult choice on if you want to download the file animation / film, if they choose the file that is small then the download will be finished quickly but the quality of the resulting low. But if they choose a movie file / animation with high quality and file size will increase, so the download will be used notebook old. Apparently Adobe is very responsive to problems with the way this version of the Flash Player is a new, to continue the previous version (Flash Player 8). Although the Flash Player version 9 of the cheap code name 'Movie Star' is still in beta, but the Adobe Flash Player promising application of this new akan can overcome the problems that exist. Flash video file that can be played Flash video file is in H.264 format. The advantages of the other Oleg 'Movie Star' is to create a file with the same size but the quality is much better, even if the processor load will also increase.

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