Thursday, July 23, 2009

Main Figures In Film And Animation "NARUTO"


Naruto Uzumaki is the main story of this figure. He was a ninja of Konoha village, the village One of the most powerful military in the ninja world. Dikarakteristikkan Naruto as a ninja is full of surprises, spirited, cheerful, hiperaktif, hulking, simple, and very ambitious in reach-ideals citanya to become Hokage, most in the Konoha ninja. In the body of Naruto, tersegel a monster fox nine tails that have been attacked and almost destroyed the village of Konoha. Because the monster is in the body of that, he dijauhi by villagers in the small bertekat until he proves to the people in Konoha that he will become Hokage so that he can be recognized in the village, is the incaran ninja-ninja who want power Kyuubi, the fox nine tails.

He sanggat like Sakura Haruno, but love the hand clap because Sakura likes Sasuke more than Naruto. Naruto is the son of the 4th Hokage called kk ss or better known as the Hokage yondaime.


Sakura is one of a team of colleagues at the same time women craving Naruto, but it was more like Sasuke from Naruto. He is a talented ninja who always get the perfect value in each test that diikutinya. Sakura has a personality that is unique and he often acted outside world to maintain the image as a woman who is both elegant and often called the "world Sakura."


Sasuke is a friend of Naruto than Sakura team. He was a talented ninja, which is always reserved and rarely interact. Sikapnya the cold and the ability to fight the high digilai make many women, especially Sakura and Ino.

He has a dark past and Naruto-as-life alone, without friends and family. Cita-citanya is to become a strong ninja and kill Itachi Uchiha, kandungnya sister, who is responsible for the death of the entire family.


Kakashi Hatake is a teacher as well as co-leader of the team Naruto. Although it looks weak, he was a genius ninja who has sharingan, a lineage-specific ability Uchiha clan that he got from friends of the deceased, Obito Uchiha (Kakashi friend while still a Chuunin, he died at the mission's yondaime). He was the type of relaxed and careful, but can be serious and act quickly when necessary. Often it is being seen reading a book titled Icha Icha Paradise! (Come Paradise!) That be by Jiraiya. One thing interesting Kakashi's mouth is never shown to the readers. Mouth is always closed, not only when he served time but good to sleep [with the Icha Icha Paradise books his] time and place of baptism in [with a towel]. In anime, Naruto, et al have tried to see the face of Kakashi, but their efforts failed.

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