Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Japanese Animation "Howl's Moving CASTILE "

The witch, a magic castle can move and stifle the war shown last week in the animated film Howl's Moving Castle works of Japanese director, Hayo Miyazaki (63), in the Venezia Film Festival to-61. Miyazaki dijuluki Walt Disney to its Japanese, as quoted from Reuters.

Successfully placed the film Miyazaki anime (Japanese animated film) on the entertainment map of the world through landing animated film, Spirited Away, which was a compliment in various festivals abroad and whip-winning best animated film Oscar in 2003.

Animated film Howl's Moving Castle is the first animated film to compete in major competition for 30 years in the Venezia festival. Kisahnya about a daughter, Sophie, who was changed into a woman aged 90 years old by witch. Sophie then seek assistance Howl-looking witch. He was seeking refuge in the castle Howl, which is always moving. Castle gate, this can open to four different world. Sophie pretend to be domestic servant, and making friends with the demons of fire and fault-finding tiny Howl assistant while he was trying to free themselves from self-condemnation witch. Finally Sophie love Howl at the release of both of them evil witch, bomb attacks and the war.

For sineasnya, the film also gives hope in the midst of a handful of the world threatened by war, violence and keputus-asaan economy. "In regard to the world that we now huni, have a message universalnya," said producer Toshio Suzuki on the playback of films at the Lido area, told Reuters news agency.

"When we memproduksinya, there is war in Iraq. We are in the economic situation is not very good in Japan. From young to old, everyone is very unhappy," said Suzuki through penerjemahnya.

Marco Muller, director of the festival, Venezia, call Howl's Moving Castle as the "anti-war statement that we received in this festival."

Movies Howl's Moving Castle is also the film's most dinanti in Japan after Spirited Away achieve extraordinary income total, U.S. $ 270 million.

Tight security imposed in the Venezia festival, especially against the pirate. Bag up the audience to review the possibility of a camera and computer in the event of the film Howl's Moving Castle at the Lido, where the film was the kritisi and the public.

Miyazaki could not attend because of health reasons, but this film is a gift for children in Japan and around the world. "Miyazaki loves children," said Suzuki, "He wanted to give a message to children that the world is worth the world inhabited and full of beauty and dijajaki can be found," he added.

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