Sunday, July 26, 2009

Doraemon Japan Animation Culture Ambassador

Doraemon movie film is the preferred children. Who does not know the same Doraemon?! Loh cartoon figures that illustrate the life of Japanese people who have any bags, and a wonderful friend who fed the Nobita. Japan is just paint what I love ...

Jepun called Nippon or Nihon in Japanese. Both these words are written with the letters the same size, namely日本. Nippon designation is often used in official business, while Nihon is usually not used in official matters such as daily conversation. Meanwhile, Nippon and Nihon word meaning "country sunrise." The name is derived from the official messenger of China, and refers to the relative position of Japan in the east Asia continent. Before that, Japan was known as Yamato (大和). Wa (倭) is used in the country of China at the time of Three Countries. Japanese words in English derived from the word Jepun, derived from the Cantonese, who brought a Yat Pun. A Japanese official in the Japanese language is Nipponkoku or Nihonkoku (日本国), which means "Japan."

Japanese culture include the interaction between native Jomon culture with a strong influence from abroad who follow. At first China and Korea to bring a lot of influence, beginning with the development of Yayoi culture around 300 BC. Combination of the Greek cultural traditions and India, and religious art affect Japan since the tenth century BC-6, equipped with the introduction of religion Mahayana Buddhist sect. Since 16-th century, the influence of prominent European, followed by the influence of the United States dominates the Japanese after the end of World War II.

Now, Japan is an exporter of the biggest pop culture. Anime, manga, fashion, film, literature, video games, music and Japan receive warm welcome in the world, especially in the countries of Asia the other. Japanese young people like to create a new trend and style of their predilection to follow fashion and trends affecting the world. Youth-market mudi a very bright bring to the test items the user the new electronic, in which style and function is determined by the user of Japan, before being distributed to the entire world.

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