Thursday, July 23, 2009

Avatar: The Legend of Aang

Avatar, the last wind controllers; known as Avatar: The Last Airbender in the United States and some countries) is an animated television series shown by the United States television network Nickelodeon. Taking place in the world of martial arts and magic elements of nature with the influence of Asia, following the adventure story for the sake of the adventure of a degree called Avatar Aang and his friends on their way to save the world from the State Fire impure. Serial written this book in serial form, with each episodenya considered as a "chapter" (chapter), and each season is called the "book" (book). In Indonesia, the film is displayed by Global TV.

Avatar: The Legend of Aang take place in a fantasy world, where people live, fantastik various animals, and spirits. Human civilization divided into the four-nation, The Water (Water Tribe), Kingdom of Earth (Earth Kingdom), nomadic Air (Air Nomads), and the State Fire (Fire Nation). In every nation there are those who are called Bender (literally means "Pembengkok", but in this case is "Control") that has the ability to control elements of nature according to their nations. Control the natural elements of art is a fusion style of martial arts and magic elements of nature.

In each generation, there is someone who is able to control every element, which is called as the Avatar, the spirit of the planet incarnate in human form. When an Avatar dies, he will be born again in a nation that always turn alternately in accordance with the cycle Avatar, which along with the seasons: winter for water, spring for earth, summer for fire, and autumn for air. Legend says that the Avatar must learn the art elements according to the order, starting with the elements of the original peoples of the Avatar, but sometimes this can dilewat order if circumstances force. Learn the elements of control contrary to the original elements of a nation is very difficult because of differences in style of martial arts and its doctrines.

Seabad before the opening of the story of this series, Aang, a boy aged wind controllers 12 years of Air Temple Southern Air owned by the nomadic, was told by the elders that he is "the Avatar". Typically, a teak Avatar told himself as an Avatar go when he was 16 years old, however, the biksu fear that war will occur between the four nations will soon take place and in a short time Questioner akan needed to maintain balance and peace of the world. This makes Aang is confusion and depression. Short stories, fading Aang's Southern Air Temple, but in the middle of the road he met with a very large storm, and he along with Appa (a giant flying bison own) fall in the sink to the sea. But Aang immediately make the air around the ball body and Appa that he does not wet. Freeze the ball in the air in the surrounding water so that Aang and Appa in bongkahan imprisoned in ice.

In episode "The Boy in the Iceberg," two teenagers from the Southern Water Tribe named Katara - a water control - and a brother named Sokka, Aang finds a bongkahan in ice, and then they membebaskannya. Then the explanation of them, know that during Aang he disappears, the fear of a monk akan war has become a reality. For many years he was vague during, which the State Fire control the house fire, to demolish the other three nations, namely the Kingdom of Earth, The Water, Air and nomadic. All the air temples destroyed, including the nomadic Air, be all that can not bereinkarnasi Avatar. This is causing Aang to be the last air controllers in the face of the earth. It is the duty to learn the four elements, in order to overcome the fires of King and bring back peace and harmony on earth. To run a task, accompanied by the Aang Katara and Sokka, along with two animal peliharaannya - Momo and Appa - to seek expert control elements and learning to become an Avatar, and at the same time they must avoid catching the efforts by the State Fire .

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