Saturday, July 4, 2009

Artist Michael Jackson's Affair With Animation

Do you know the artist Michael Jackson, we have seen the moonwalk, the gloves, anti-gravity lean, and that it is only to mention some of the innovations introduced by the end of Michael Jackson. Sometimes people even forget how MJ reinvented himself from child prodigy to become a global pop sensation. But he is feeling the creativity and performance hard to match that leads her to try many things - one is a cartoon animation for music videos.

Michael Jackson's song "Leave Me Alone" in 1987 with the album Bad obvious features 2D cartoon animation as a motif. Throughout the entire video, Jackson was charged as a super-scale real characters.

The song talks about personal and public turmoil faced by Michael after the success of his 1982 album Thriller. At this time, the tabloids and gossip columns were targeting him with different rumors about his lifestyle. Among these is Michael's obsession with the purchase of the Elephant Man bones and sleeping in a hyperbaric space to counter the effects of aging.

Video animated cartoons that used by Michael Jackson as a rebuttal to all of this cost. The story of the video begins with an amusement park with a picture collage attributing to the success, along with some images such as the popular temple to a friend Elizabeth Taylor (who gave him the moniker King of Pop). In the end, this case shows that Michael Jackson is the amusement park and the struggle he went, in the process damage the park.

Leave Me Alone directed by Jim Blashfield and the most important to win the Grammy Award for Best Short Form Music Video at the Grammy Awards in 1990. He was also seen in the feature entitled Moonwalker. Here is a video animation of Let Me Alone:

Michael Jackson helped popularize the music video as part of a campaign and as a form of art. Others clear video computer animation effects used are black or white, which is worded song contradicting racial discrimination - but better known as the scene of violence and sexualized dancing. The most known effect of animation used in this video is morphing.

Morphing is a special effects that will try to change one image into another seamlessly. Music video Black or White is used in the concept of this tail-end part of the video in which people of different ethnicities, gender and age of the gun shot in the breast perspective and made to appear like that when morphing its move from the left neck to the right. Here is the video:

This is a revolutionary touch of Michael Jackson, and together with the Terminator 2: Hour in 1991, helping set trends video special effects and computer animation. Now, advanced computer software available to create a realistic simulation - but will not exceed the level of ingenuity when it was first introduced by Black or White.

I will list some special awards to the most here as a tribute to Jacko:

World Music Awards' Best-Selling Pop Male Artist of the Millennium

American Music Award's Artist of the Century Award

Bambi Pop Artist of the Millennium Award.

Double-constituted from the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (The Jackson 5, 1997; solo, 2001)

Some of the Guinness World Records (eight in 2006 alone),

13 Grammy Awards,

13 number one singles in the solo career-more than any other male artist in the Hot 100 era

the sale of more than 750 million records worldwide

Rest in peace, MJ.

Aldric Chang is a creative entrepreneur who currently building a free online adventure games for children and running a successful studio animated cartoons. His creative accomplishments span several hundred in the production of animation projects, casual games, music composition, animation and cartoon series of the virtual world for children.


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