Friday, July 31, 2009


Aquaman is a comic figure that originally appeared in DC Comics series. Young people before the Generation Y may be known. Kisahnya, there is a champion of the kingdom of Atlantis delusion, operate in the sea. Like Superman is Clark Kent and Bruce Wayne is Batman, Aquaman is Arthur Curry. Aquaman has strength that is unique to breathe in the sea. Moreover he can communicate with sea animals and even the sentient sea waves through the mind. Of course, she can swim very fast and very long. He high-pressure resistance in the depth of the sea and the sea is like. But in the land he indifferently, kantoran people like you and me.


So? We may also have a few attributes Aquaman, but in general we landlubber. Even first-used to live in a tree. In the land-we are just ordinary, looking for work and living socially, the way to the mall, vacation to the mountain. Untung-fortunately swim to the sea, but only up to one meter depth.

If I can share a few personal stories, my life in the land, the foot was quite so weak and difficult road. Not sick, but rather that totter and fall can be encouraged. Continue if established after a long time and if so pegel road so far tired. Body part other than just look good foot, and walk of life continue, even eager to know why lately. So no problem foot problem, many compensation.

Consolation is that with the lower legs, so to even strong swimmers. No pool can be a champion, but most can not swim long and quiet. With the glasses (goggle) we can see in the water and watch the people passing. All float in Suspensi, including time. The world does not revolve as semjua and teredam voice, very quiet.

Most important, the water in the weak leg work the same as other people., The lean, fat people in the same water. We know teri fish and whales alike can swim, and they do not need feet. Yes, the main deh world's water is suitable for people who are difficult to walk.

Aquaman ever appeared in the film and get new friends as Aqualad, but he was less successful than seprofesi colleagues. Superman, Batman is much more powerful (perhaps because the mainstream) and the recent Spiderman melejit forward as new stars form the day-to-day exactly the Ordinary People. Aquaman even dicemoohkan that kehebatannya is limited. What's the superhero so if pursuing criminals? Live up to the land, pass directly to the criminals be pursued Aquaman.

But that does not pursue criminals, life in the water can be enjoyed enough to compensate for the limitations of life on land difficult for people on foot. Evidence that the limitations apply only to a certain environment, and can be solved if we change the environment. People who feel can not talk, will be regarded critic if he moved smoothly to the culture of silence. People that are less preferred because in many less smile, can move to Russia where the people can not smile unless there are special issues with a known good. Secret to be able to function well is the introduction of the environment.

There are still people like that dimarahin. In Western environment, be considered dangerous for that he menggodok revenge scenario while membungbkam thousand languages. In this culture, if people continue to replicate dimarahi time, even considered challenging. In high school, have teachers who love to get mad if there are students who hold a time be reproved. Finally, the teacher cried out: "Why do you say continue? You think I fear in you?"

"No, Sir." Responsibility of the students. "I just want to give feedback." Wah the child is considered downright gauche, even by their own friends. "Ngapain you here? How to learn or want to play ball? Tuh, outside the main ball. Take it like that." Show your face again and Pak Guru seisi class, the children, without expression, go out and play ball have participated.

He should go to the swimming pool and become Aquaman, may be more peaceful for him, free from pressure.

By : Lupus

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