Friday, July 17, 2009

Animation And Cartoon link

Somewhat difficult to find information about animation, cartoon or Otaku culture that emerged from the two previous case, the overall website. May also have important information in the papers, magazines or a discussion on the blog, but here we show the general site reviews, site info in English, and the collection of directory, then please open these sites according to their interest.
Sites that can be accessed with the English language

Review of general can be found in the "Anime" and "Manga" in the English-language Wikipedia site.

If you want to get info about anime and cartoons, please visit "ANN (Anime News Network)." This is a site created by Justin Sevakis. Stored in an article in the number of lots. You can also search for old articles. In the "encyclopedia", there is a quite complete database of titles and animated cartoons, the list of names of people, a list of production companies, etc. of the term. For example on page HAYASHIBARA Megumi, one of the voice actors in the series "Evangelion" is very popular, until terddapat blood and also the day pernikahannya.

There is also the directory of English-speaking at Google, "Anime" and "Manga".

There is also the site's English version cartoonist. Among them "TEZUKA Osamu World."

Bibliotek elektoronik in the East Asian library University of Ohio, the U.S., there is a list of library cartoons in Japan.

In the "Mandarake," second-hand bookshop called the cartoons a special "do not have the goods that do not exist", there is not only the site pages in English, but also the language version of French, Spanish and Korean. In sales via the internet, showing a picture book with covers were. You can also find the book you want to search by name kartunisnya.

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