Friday, July 17, 2009

2d Cartoon Animation With Toon Boom

Would you like animation? In fact this time of the assessment. So-so but I want to be a reference hehehehe ...

Of course I know so much about the animated cartoon to use Adobe Flash. Originally used for many Flash animation on the web page. But then developed into a fairly powerful software for television animation in the making of the film cartoons alias. I would like to know for example I know of is on the animated The PowerPuff Girl on the Cartoon Network 'kan? Well, the television serial made in the Cartoon Network Studios using Flash software. But we discuss ga akan tentan Flash this time.

We will discuss an alternative other than Flash is even a feature far more comprehensive and specific to the needs of cartoon animation 2d. So ga tuh have features such as on the web for Flash. So? Not even reduced feature? Ga dong! Kan we discuss the making of animated cartoons 2d so ga need more features to make the web. More efficient is not it? And software that we are talking about a software that is being increased leaf (ceile!) And is widely used in most animation studios in the world. Namely Toon Boom.

In fact Toon Boom software itself has many variants. But we will discuss only the fruit that is 2 Toon Boom Studio which now has reached version 4.0 and Toon Boom Digital Pro. Toon Boom Studio 4.0 is a version of 'cheap' with features that are not as complete Digital Pro but still have the benefits of which are intended for professional and hobiis. Meanwhile, Digital Pro with a fantastic price aka expensive: D is for the more professional animator alias kalo loe afford to buy 'ni jual software must be animated with loe price balanced so that ni software may not waste the investment. But I want to learn easy to use Digital Pro kok! Now Toon Boom Digital Pro version can be downloaded free of charge for the study (Personal Learning Edition) but the resolution is limited and there are 'Watermark' on the results render an animation that you create. The rest you can enjoy all the features with the same version bayarnya.

Of course you will ask, what is asiknya Digital Pro? As a professional in the 2d animation and the chance to use this software in the workplace, I can say with ease that is simple and intuitive. That all the needs of 2d animation software can be done at this again to 2d animator for the first drawing in the usual paper or by using traditional animation techniques.


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