Wednesday, July 16, 2008


This is a FAQ wrote for general queries, visitors might have, do read it and other help info to avoid getting stuck. If there is anything I have missed or needs adding then I will do so later.

Q. Something is in parts, what do I do?
A. You need to download all the parts and place them in the same location then open the first part with the relavant decompressing software such as winrar, 7zip or winzip and extract the files the parts contain.
Also Note a part should have the same name as each other such as file.part1 file.part2 etc so do not save files or rename them to have different names (some extraction software will just ask you where say part 3 is if it can not find it in the folder or has different name and you can browse to find the file but it is easier if you just keep the in same name structure.)

Q. How do I open RAR files?
A. With WinRAR

Q. How do I open 001, 002 etc part files?
A. Most people will say to use HJsplit to join the parts and then extract them with WinRAR or something but it is easier if you just install 7zip and just open first part and extract same as a normal file. 7Zip works with most file types like WinRAR does.

Q. How do I play [insert video file type here]
A. Generally, avi, mkv, ogm, flv, mpg, mp4 etc will all be playable if one installs Klite Mega Codec pack and uses a decent video player.

Q. A video file, has mutiple, audio/subtitle/whatever streams (dual audio, more than one subtitle choice and even video), how do I play the non default one?
A. It is best to download a media player mroe suited for it such as The core Media Player, BSPlayer Pro or Media Player Classic. My preference is The Core Media Player.
So for The Core Media Player, just open the video, right clcik on the playing video and go to media streams and select the stream you want to use. You can also change the default language stream you want the player to use when a a video starts in options.

Q. A file download link no longer works, what now?
A. If the file is "Temporarily Unavailable" then that means you should try again later and you can download it. If a file is anything other than temporarily unavailable then you can comment on the post whomever uplaoded it can see about reuploading if possible.

Q. Can I donate?
A. We do not actually require any donations really at this current time. It would be preferable if you could instead donate the money to a charity.

Q. How do I play a game?
A. For PC games the answer is generally to mount the iso/bin /whatever disk image you ahve with daemon tools or burn the game to DVD or CD and insert it. If it is an installer file (which would be rare) then run it to install the game.
If it is say an NDS rom game then either copy it to your flash cartridge or play it with the most stable emulator which for the DS is currently No$GBA.

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