Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Cherry Boom (櫻桃幫) - My Dear Prince (親愛的王子)

Size: 60mb

Track Listing:

1. 清新的早晨 (Sweet Morning)
2. 親愛的王子 (My Dear Prince)
3. 秘密花園 (Secret Garden)
4. 再見我的愛 (Good-bye My Love)
5. 蝕月 (Eclipse of the Moon)
6. I Wanna Rock
7. 我的空氣 (The Air of My Breath)
8. 小丑世界 (The World Full of Clowns)
9. 不對也要愛 (Must Love Though It's Not Right)
10.黑夜來臨 (The Coming of the Dark)

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